How to Select an Industrial Motors: Types of Motors and Selection Points

There are various types of Industrial Motors, each with different specifications such as voltage and torque, as well as different prices.

When selecting a motor, it is important to choose the right motor for your company's application. However, there may be some people who "don't know how to select a motor" or "want to know about examples of motor use.

In this article, we will introduce basic types of motors and how to select a motor, as well as examples of motor use for different applications.


  1. 1.Types of Motors
    1. 1.1.DC Motors
    2. 1.2.AC Motors
  2. 2.How to Select Motors
    1. 2.1.① Select by Specifications
    2. 2.2.① Select by Price
    3. 2.3.③Select by Manufacturer
  3. 3.Points to Keep in Mind when Selecting a Motor
    1. 3.1.①Energy Efficiency of Motors
    2. 3.2.②Size, Weight and Output
    3. 3.3.③Quietness , Low Vibration, Waterproof, Dustproof, etc.
  4. 4.Examples of Motor Use by Application
    1. 4.1.①Autonomous Robot Mobility
    2. 4.2.②Hospital and Home Ventilators, Dental Care Equipment, Surgical Power Tools
  5. 5.Summary

Types of Motors

There are various types of motors, and their classification methods vary depending on how they are viewed in terms of structure, drive method, type of power source, and other factors. Here is an example of the classification of motors that rotate by electromagnetic force.

▼Types of Motors

We will explain the DC motors and AC motors that are commonly used among them.

DC Motors

DC motors are motors that operate on DC power and are used in a wide range of industries, including electric vehicle motors, elevators, and home appliances.

There are two types of DC motors: brush DC motors and brushless DC motors.

▼Features and Applications of DC Motors

Brush DC Motors

Brushless DC Motor


  • Rotor is rotated by passing electricity through a coil
  • Easily miniaturized with good controllability and efficiency
  • Low cost
  • Requires regular maintenance and replacement
  • Rotates permanent magnets while controlling current using electronic circuits
  • Excellent longevity, ease of maintenance, quietness, etc., and high degree of structural flexibility
  • Relatively long life


  • Motors for Models
  • Automotive electrical motors
  • Home appliances (hair dryers, shavers, vacuum cleaners) etc.
  • Industrial equipment
  • Home appliances (washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators), etc.​​​​​​​

For more information on brushless DC motors and brush DC motors, please see this article.

What is Brushless DC Motor?  Explanation of the differences and types from brush DC motors

AC Motors

AC motors are motors that operate on AC power and are also induction motors. Generally, they are used for products with little continuous movement or speed variation.

▼Features and Applications of AC Motors



  • No commutator, brushes, or control circuits required
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to increase size and output at low cost​​​​​​​


  • Machine tools
  • Conveyors, etc.​​​​​​​

Detailed differences between DC and AC motors are explained in this article.

Comparison of features and differences between DC motors and AC motors​​​​​​​

How to Select Motors

It is important to select the right Industrial Motors for your company in terms of type, specifications, and price. Here are three basic ways to select motors.

① Select by Specifications

The first way is to select motors by specifications. Different motors have different specifications, such as size, output, torque, voltage, and rotation speed, etc. It is important to select a motor suitable for your company after comparing the specifications in the catalog.

▼Specifications to be compared

  • Size / Weight
  • Rated voltage / Operating voltage
  • Rated Output / Instant Maximum Output
  • Rated Torque / Instant Maximum Torque
  • Rated speed
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Quietness / Low Vibration / Waterproof / Dustproof, etc

▼Example of specification table

① Select by Price

The second way is to select motors by Price. Industrial Motors vary in price depending on the type and specifications.

Since a motor with better performance will cost more, the point is to select a motor that meets your company's requirements and fits your budget. We also calculate the long-term cost of the motor, including the cost of maintenance and replacement.

③Select by Manufacturer

The third way is to select motors by manufacturer. There are various manufacturers of Industrial Motors in Japan and overseas, and the Types of Motors handled, prices, etc. vary depending on the manufacturer.
A shoddy product can lead to injury or failure of peripheral equipment as well as the motor. In addition to the reputation of the manufacturer, we recommend that you choose a reliable manufacturer after checking the reputation of its high-quality, trouble-free products and whether it offers after-sales maintenance such as repair or replacement of motors.

Points to Keep in Mind when Selecting a Motor

Above is an introduction to How to Select Motors. Among the key points to keep in mind are "Energy Efficiency," "Relationship between Size, Weight and Output," "Quietness, Low Vibration, Waterproof and Dustproof" are listed below.

①Energy Efficiency of Motors

Energy efficiency of motors is an important factor when selecting a motor.

Motors move machinery by converting electrical energy into rotational energy. If the energy is converted to heat before it is converted to rotational energy, the motor will be inefficient, limiting its speed, wasting power, etc. Therefore, it is important to choose a motor with high energy efficiency.

②Size, Weight and Output

The main power band of motors varies depending on size and weight. For space-constrained or portable applications, smaller and lighter motors in the same power band are preferred.

③Quietness , Low Vibration, Waterproof, Dustproof, etc.

The point at which a motor is needed depends on the application. When a motor is used to run a machine at high speed, vibration of the frame bearings and noise from the fan that cools the motor can cause noise problems in some cases.

To avoid such problems, it is recommended to select a motor with quietness and low vibration.

In addition, for outdoor applications, factors such as water-proofness, dust-proofness, and shock resistance are important.

Examples of Motor Use by Application

Here are some examples of the use of Mabuchi Motor products, which handle a wide variety of brushless DC motor models.

①Autonomous Robot Mobility

We offer a series of high-power brushless motors that are among the smallest and lightest in the industry in the same power band. It achieves a maximum efficiency of 90%, and airtight and waterproof construction is used around the lead wires. Various options such as reduction gears, controllers, electromagnetic brakes, and drive units are also available.

▼Examples of Brushless Motor Products for Mobile Applications

②Hospital and Home Ventilators, Dental Care Equipment, Surgical Power Tools

High-speed brushless motor series with a maximum speed of 100,000 r/min are available. The motor is quiet and low-vibration at high-speed rotation, and its maximum efficiency of 92% reduces power consumption and improves the drive time of the battery-driven unit.

▼Examples of Brushless Motor Products for Medical Equipment


This article has described the following information on Industrial Motors.

  • Types of Motors
  • How to Select Motors
  • Points to Keep in Mind when Selecting a Motor
  • Examples of Motor Use by Application

There are many ways to select an Industrial Motors, including type, specifications, and price range. When selecting a motor, it is necessary to check energy efficiency, points suitable for your requirements, etc.

Mabuchi Motor offers brushless DC motors in a wide variety of models, which can be used in a wide range of applications such as home appliances, tools, etc., in addition to the mobile and medical equipment introduced above. We also offer a full range of support services, such as providing samples and suggesting the most suitable products to meet your needs.

Please feel free to contact us or try our online store.